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Engineering, Forensic and Construction Management Consultants.

RJA Engineers, P.S.C.


       RJAE provided architectural, engineering and construction supervision services for a 95,000 square feet, two story reinforced concrete manufacturing warehouse and administrative facility for Checkpoint Systems of Puerto Rico. The new structure, know as Phase I, includes specialty areas such as a laminating room, which requires a clean room environment. a press room, which requires an explosion proof environment, and etcher room, which contains a highly corrosive agents require fiberglass lined air conditioning ducts, air handling units and electrical components. Additional specialty items include the use of scrubbers and vaporizing equipment which maintains 90% humidity levels, controls static electricity and extends the production equipment life-cycle. In addition to these areas, the production areas are environmentally controlled with hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical services to each station. 

       Administrative areas include a highly technical architecture design with superb finishes, an access control system which is coordinated with the emergency and fire control systems, closed circuit TV, motion detectors and automatic alarms at selected locations.

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