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Engineering, Forensic and Construction Management Consultants.

RJA Engineers, P.S.C.


       RJAE began providing on-call architectural and engineering services for Commonwealth Oil Refining Corporation (CORCO) in 1988 and continues to perform numerous projects annually. RJAE’s services are related to the refinery and petrochemical operations. In addition to services related to waste treatment and other industrial or environmental concerns, RJAE’s port & harbor services typically consist of existing field surveys for both above and underwater pier conditions, structural analysis and proposed rehabilitation alternatives.

       These services are often required for portions of the pier facilities which have sustained damages due to collisions with various shipping vessels and need to be performed without the closing or otherwise affecting the pier’s operational schedule. One of the rehabilitation projects consisted of rehabilitating the damaged steel piles and reinforced concrete deck. The damaged piles required the replacement of the upper portion of the HP steel pile and encapsulating the steel with a concrete grout filled fiberglass column. This encapsulating alternative provided for a greatly extended pile life cycle.

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