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       The Transit Centers program has required extensive transportation planning in order to develop an intermodal transportation strategy for San Juan Metropolitan area. This intermodal strategy, the first of its kind in Puerto Rico, strategically located thirteen Transit Centers in order to provide reliable and attractive transfer and feeder services between buses, publicos and the rapid transit system. Prior to the initiation of the Transit Center design. RJAE worked in coordination with transportation models to determine the public demand, capacity requirements. bus route structure, trip times and speeds and operational schedules. From this planning analysis, RJAE generated a typical design for system wide utilization. The system wide components included the bus shelter, operations/security control booth and various architectural finishes in order for the general public to readily identify the location of the Transit Center. 

       Each of the Transit Centers final design incorporated improvements to the surrounding urban conditions. Various urban improvements included expanded lighting facilities, improved security presence, public telephones service and landscape improvements such as tress and shrubs. The Transit Center program has been implemented in three phases and will ultimately create a completely integrated public transportation network offering convenient travel option to all of the San Juan area.

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